žlikrofi cooking class

Žlikrofi – demonstration cooking class of typical Slovenian food

Learn the secrets of making traditional miners festive dish “žlikrofi”.
We will present you our cooking philosophy and family recipe for making traditional dish in Idrija – žlikrofi (also called Idrija dumplings). The dish is prepared from dough with potato filling and has a typical shape. Most commonly was served with meat but modern ways of serving include mushrooms, gorgonzola or other sauces.
You will learn:
  • about different foods and drinks that are typical for mining town of Idrija
  • the process of making dough
  • how to make the best žlikrofi filling
  • secrets of shaping the žlikrofi
  • how to cook them the right way
  • most importantly – how to eat them
Culinary class is led by locals and it is very informative. No previous cooking experience is required. We will provide all ingredients and equipment. Explanation is in English. Please note that we use meat, wheat flour, eggs and dairy products for the class.
Time: all clasess by appointment
Duration: 2-3 hours
Location: Idrija
Number of participants: max 12 people
Price:  35€ / person (children 25€)
Suitable for: anyone who like authentic local experience and good food
Extra: it is possible to extend the class with learning how to prepare traditional Smukavc and Ocvirkovca or other local dishes (on request)
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